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House project projected start date November 2018
Total projected estimate for the house is still
being determined

Building Materials

Hollow blocks #4 .28¢ #6 .32¢ JNYC

Sand ½ load $40 RLF

Gravel ½ load $40 RLF

Nails $1.36 GONZAGA

Ty wire $1.60 RLF/GONZAGA

16mm steel rods (rebar) $8.10 RLF

9mm steel rods (rebar) $2.20 JNYC

Cement $4.80 BOYE

Plywood 4mm $8.40 ¼ $13.20 GONZAGA

2x2x12 coco lumber $2.40 BOYE

2x3x12 coco lumber $3.60 BOYE

How we document

Daily pictures at the start and end of the day. This
will track the progress of each days progress.

Detailed chart of expenses on materials.  
This will document how much we spend on each type
of materials.   

Detailed chart of who sponsored for the house.

Who is the house for?
Adelfa is a 53 year old widow with 6 kids from 27 to
16. Her husband passed away 4 years ago. He built
their house 14 years ago on a different property and
moved it to the current property 12 years ago.

The house is made out of cut bamboo and plywood. It
is elevated off the ground and the floor has gaps
between the bamboos. It is actually a neat design.
The problem is the house is starting to shift and it is
moving. The plywood walls flex and move to the touch.
I think the next typhoon could knock the house down.
There are other issues where the floor sags. Because
the wood is already 14 years old I don’t think it is
worth trying to repair.

A sturdy house that won’t get knocked over would be
a big relief. I estimate the total price for materials and
labor to be $1,500. That is a lot of money and out of
reach for Adelfa. Her 3 oldest daughters have families
and their husbands earn just enough to provide for the
families. Her youngest daughter is my assistant and
going to school full time. I help her with school in return
for her help with my philanthropy.  Her 18 years old
son works as a motorbike driver and his salary goes
towards his bike payment and basic needs. Her
youngest son works construction when there are jobs
available. The money he makes goes for basic needs
of the house. Adelfa works odd jobs to earn money
but that goes for food and basic needs.
On a personal note Adelfa is a good soul. She is
active in the local church and has a kind helping
attitude. From everything I heard about her late
husband she would not be in this situation if he were
He did not have a regular job, but between farming,
fishing, and carpentry he was able to provide for his
family. I am sure he would have kept the house
repaired. This house will be a huge blessing.  

The pictures on the right and below show Adelfa's  
house. It is in a beautiful location   
On the left are the best deals I could find between the different hardware stores
that sell materials. The names of hardware store with the best price is listed
behind the price. As you can see some materials are cheaper at different

There are 3 considerations to the construction of this house.
  • Materials
  • Logistics
  • workers  

materials are self explanatory. The house is constructed by filling hollow
blocks with a mix of sand gravel and cement. The blocks are laid together much
like a brick pattern. There is also steel bars (rebar) in parts of the wall.There is
no insulation so a house like this can't burn.   

logistics is not an issue because the hardware companies offer free
delivery, which they do here. However the location of the construction site is 180
yards off the road over rough terrain. I was wondering how to move all the
materials to the work site. The sand and gravel is lose and needs to be put in
rice sacks to move.  

Someone suggested using a carabao (water buffalo) the carabao can be
loaded or pull something that can haul the materials. I did not think it was
possible because the path is so rough, but I was told carabao are sure footed
and can do it.  

This took the most consideration. With materials I searched for the best deal.
With labor it is not right to always look for the best deal because some people
are so desperate they would work for next to nothing. There is a line between
taking advantage of someones desperation and being fair.  
I made several inquiries about the cost of labor for construction workers and
came up with this as fair wage. This is actually above the standard but in means
I can get quality workers with a high workplace moral.     

$18.00 per day for 2 employees working 8 hours a day.   
$15.00 for salary. $9.00 for mason $6.00 for helper    
$3.00 food allowance and food will be cooked on site.

This comes out to $1.88 per hour for 2 workers  
.38¢ per hour for food allowance.