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August Electric bill 2,502.10p ($61.03)
500 sheets of copy paper 149p
September Electric bill 2,382.80 ($58.12)
Rent for Pearlys house until we finish building it 1,300p ($31.71)      rent for the  Precision Geophysical Action Center 3000p ($73.17
        Internet bill 999p ($24.37)                                                                                           water bill 388.60p ($9.48)                            
$24.37 internet bill
$9.48 water bill
$31.71 rent for pearlys house
$73.17 rent for the  Precision Geophysical Action Center
$61.03 August Electric bill
$58.12 September electric bill
$18.29 LPG gas for the stove
$3.63 copy paper for homework program
total $279.80
750p ($18.29) LPG gas for the stove
These bills were paid for
by Steve McCrossin
was not exactly sure how it would go but I knew the needs were many.
We started a feeding program that now feeds 29 children in need Monday through Friday. A
computer program that allows students to do research and print homework protects. Both these
programs are a smashing success.
Aside from those two programs we have helped with food, medical bills, prescriptions, school
supplies and other worthy causes.

For this to be long term and sustainable the Center will need to remain open and there are bills
associated with that.  The programs also take money to continue to run. So lets look at the money
involved in running thePrecision Geophysical Action Center
heart of Sampaguita Bukid where we do our work.
Electric 2,500p ($60.98) This was the highest bill we ever had.
Water 193p ($4.71) This was the highest bill we ever had.
Internet 999p ($24.37)
750p ($18.29) Gas for the stove used for cooking. The tank lasts more than a month but it’s always
to estimate higher when building a budget like this.  
1,000p ($24.39) House hold goods this would be things like toilet cleaner, light bulbs, floor wax
Total 205.91

Food program
this is based on the highest amount paid in the past six weeks for feeding Monday –Friday
240p ($5.85) Rice based onfive week month ($29.25)
983p ($23.98) Ingredientsbased on five week month($119.90)
Total based on five week month $149.15

Home works program
825p $(20.12) copy paper 2,500 pieces this is high estimate of 500 copies per week. It has never
got that high 447 is the highest and 223 is the lowest but as we expand and get more students I
expect the number to reach the 500 copies per week.
200p ($4.88) ink for printer. Because of our specially modified printer bought by Steve MCcrossin
we can print for almost nothing the ink comes in bottles and is added with a syringe into a separate
container and it lasts forever.
Total for five month week $25.00

So far up until recently the Action Center did not have staff. It was just me and Mylene running
things. With Mylene moving away it will be simply too much. Also if I have to be there all day I
cannot complete any field work.  I have not yet taken any donations for their pay but feel that it
would be a justified and after talking with some of donors may start to use donations for their future
5,000p ($121.95) per month for a Staff of two this is based on a five week month. Eight months of
the year there are four weeks and it is only 4000p. I always envisioned for a sustainable Action
Center I would need staff. I was doing all the cooking in the start but that did not work so well. I
hired a cook to come in and cook for the feeding program. It did not work out with her but I was
able to fall into a good situation. Ester and pearly said they would help. They both helped me in
2012 when I first came to the Philippines. The responsibility of the feeding program is too great to
just ask for help. Besides I wanted to have someone there between the 9:00am and 3:00pm
feedings so I could go out and do field work. Without someone there during the day to let students
in the homework program would suffer. I put the word out I was looking for help. Ester comes in
between 6:00am and 7:00am and prepares the food for the children. Pearly comes in at 11:00am
and stays until 4:00pm and takes care of the afternoon feeding.

Not only do they care for the feeding program and homework program they keep the Center
spotless. I told them what I wanted done but they do so much more. The toilet always shines and
the front area is always swept the floors are always waxed; it is truly unreal what they do for the
center. They will go to the market and do whatever I ask. They also cook whatever I bring from the
market. I will buy meat and vegetables and they will make a meal. It is like having my own personal
cook. When I hired them I lived at the Center and so far have paid them from my own pocket
because the Center has not had any administrative costs. I have since moved out.
I feel a budget of $121.95 per month is justifiable for the responsibility of cooking for the feeding
program and running the Center including the homework program.
$121.95 based on five week month
So the total cost to run the Precision Geophysical Action Center
205.91   Rent and bills
$149.15feeding program,
$25 homework program
$121.95 staff
Total $502.01
That seems like a lot of money a month and all estimates were higher and based on five weeks
months which only happen four times per year. So I expect the amount to be less most months.
The price is high but it covers a lot up to 725 meals served to children in need and not just food
relief type basic meals of beans and rice but really good and nutritious meals the kids love. The
pancit and spaghetti we serve every week is a special dish in the Philippines. The only time
children eat pancit or spaghetti is on birthdays or holidays. The children in the feeding program get
to enjoy every week. Not only do they get spaghetti but this is “real” spaghetti. The spaghetti they
serve here mostly has catsup for the sauce and hot dogs for the meat. Our feeding program we
use ground beef, real spaghetti sauce, green peepers, and onions. This is way better than they are
used to eating
2,500 copies for homework  which would cost the children over $180.00 if they had to pay the 3p at
the computer shop. 3p is just for black and white color can be as much as 10p. This is huge for
children who can’t even afford to have money for lunch let alone school projects. I enjoy seeing
how excited the children are to come to the Center and do their homework.
Fully staffed by competent individuals. I can’t emphasize enough how much they do with the
cooking and cleaning. When you break down pay per hour it comes out to just over .47cents per
hour to keep the Center staffed. That includes the responsibilities of cooking for 29 children along
with the computer program.
After looking at cost to what it provides I think it comes out to a good use of funds.
We have used funds for school supplies, doctors visits, medicine, building a house along with other
community projects.