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Hot dogs eggs and
100p 1 kilo hot dogs  
120p 1 tray of 30 eggs
total 220p $5.37
Feeding Program
October 9
This feeding was paid by Dave Belanger Rice provided by Mary Midose's food bank
house before. What we were looking for is where she cooked food and where they sleep. The
house is very close to the creek and most of the houses there are not very good. What we
discovered today is a small house with dirt floors. It was tidy and clean as most Filipino houses are
on the inside but I did not expect a dirt floor. They cook with firewood near the window. In their
bedroom they have a piece of linoleum laid down on top of the dirt floor and that is where they
When you think about it if you live to be 60 years old and sleep an average of 8 hours a day you
will be in your bed for 20 years of your life. It is not good for the children to sleep on the floor
because it can feel cold and lead to sickness.
Her husband has a job and in reality should be able to afford sleeping foam. However he
mismanages his money. For example if his salary is 10,000p a month he will borrow the money
and own 2,000p (20%) and he will take credit too to make it through the month. So when he gets
paid he is already behind every month. The reality is he deserves to sleep on the floor. It is a you
make your own bed (in this case a floor) you sleep on it thing for him. This helping gesture is all
about the kids in mind. It is not their fault the situation they are in and this will improve their life
every day. The mattress is new still in the plastic

Here is a video of our visit, the preparations getting the mattress and the delivery. Kristin was
washing clothes when we started down the trail with the mattress. She was very excited and
rushed home to unlock the door (actually just chicken wire) the footage in the house is dark since
they do not have electric. It was rewarding to be able to help someone so grateful. Thank you
Mary Midose for making this possible!  

Mary Midose added $193.90 to her account
Here is a picture of the mattress in Kristins room
Above is receipt  for the mattress and for 150kilos of rice Mary Midose bought for a  rice bank
cost of the mattress was 2,167p ($52.85)
cost of the 150 kilos of rice 5,850p ($142.68)
Mary Midose's Rice bank
133 kilos
130 kilos left