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Brixlord Regondola, Greedy Regondola, Rochelle Regondola Maryjane Magallon, Stephanie
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# of Children
foot long sausage and rice
112p kilo sausage
10p cooking oil

Total 122p ($2.98)
Feeding Program
October 4
Rice left
3 kilo
feeding program
  147 kilo
2 kilo
The father don't get paid for two days and they run
short of food
145 kilos
  feeding program
  142 kilos
3 kilo
feeding program
  139 kilos
feeding program
  136 kilos
Mary Midose's Rice bank monitoring table
This was paid for by Aaron McAfee and the rice came
from Mary Midose's rice bank

Odgie the owner of one of the bakeries in Sampaguita had worked abroad in the past. He had
recently inquired about doing so again. He was called in for an interview this morning and when he
arrived they had good news that they found him work. The sad of this story is he had to leave
today. The agency would not allow him to go home. He never got to say good bye to his children
or even kiss his wife good bye. His family and friends went to the airport to take him a bag of some
personal belongings but they were unable to see him because his flight was leaving too soon and
he was already past all the international check points and could not get out to see them. His
contract is two years . That means he will not see his family for two years and he never even got
to say good bye. The job he took is a baggage handler at an airport in Qatar. The money he will
make is small by American standards but it will go a long way to help his family.
Many woman work as fulltime maids abroad. They cook, clean, run errands, take care of children
they don’t get days off and they earn about $250-$300 a month. The Philippines has more people
working abroad than any other country in the world.          

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