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mongo and rice
138p mongo beans
15p chicaran
14p laba
4p yidsen

total 171p  ($4.34)
October 3
Rice left
3 kilo
feeding program
  147 kilo
2 kilo
The father don't get paid for two days and they run
short of food
145 kilos
3 kilo
feeding program
  142 kilos
3 kilo
feeding program
  139 kilos
Mary Midose's Rice bank monitoring table
don't eat you know he is sick! Lots of runny noses and fevers.
Today was another trip to the Bureau of immigration to extend my VISA. To maintain legal status in
the Philippines I must renew my VISA and two months is the longest extension I can get. Each
extension is different and the price varies. The most I paid was 7000p ($170) and the lowest was
last time 3200p ($78). The reason I had to pay 7000p was because after your second extension
you need to get an ID card.
I was expecting to pay the same as last time but this time I had to pay certificate of residence for a
temporary visitor. The total cost for everything this time was 4240p ($103.41) So that means it cost
$1.72 per day to stay in the Philippines for the next two months.

This 3 minute video shows a sari sari store in Sampaguita Bukludion.     
from Mary Midose's rice bank