16 Cristel Viola, Angel Viola, Klaine Ocacla, Kaylene Ocacla, John Carl Bermejo, Justin Bermejo, Jesus Bermejo, Rochelle
Regondola, Brixlord Regondola, Greedy Regondola, Maryjane Magallon, Stephanie Magallon, Annalyn Magallon, Jeffery Magallon,
Princess Pomario, John Person Pomario

12 Xian Pomario, Sean Pomario, Maja Pomairo, John Carlo Pomairo, Jeormel Evardo, jeffery Evardo, John Michael Bermejo, Juniella
Calog, William calog, Romella Regondola, Greedy Regondola, Kayth Ocasla
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# of Children
Ginataan bilo bilo
63p sugar flower crystal ball
42p ground sticky rice
38p sweet potatos

total 204p ($4.98)
Feeding Program October 18
Sunday October 17-20
Mary Midose's Rice bank
These feedings were paid for by Flor Penner and the rice came from Mary Midose's rice bank   
121 kilos
12 kilos used 6 for feeding program 6 for birthday party
111 kilos left
# of Children
18p pork cubes
5p atsuete
20p crushed crispy pork skin
20 ground smoked fish
10p garlic
9p cornstarch
50p eggs
30p cabbage
10p cooking oil
10p onion
Total 278p ($6.78)
Feeding Program october 17
Regondola, Brixlord Regondola, Greedy Regondola, Maryjane Magallon, Stephanie Magallon, Annalyn Magallon, Jeffery Magallon,
Princess Pomario, John Person Pomario, Marianne Pomario.

8 Sean Pomario, Xian Pomario, John Carlo Pomairo, , Jeffery Evardo, John Michael Bermejo, Juniella Calog, William calog, Kayth
birthday party was sponsored by Pineapple man and Pam, they also added $25 to their
. Birthdays in the Philippines are different from American birthdays. In America friends and
birthday to put on the party. Usually there is spaghetti or panciet to eat, something to do, and
maybe a cake. Their family would never have the budget to do that.
So after talking to Pineapple man he said go ahead and have a party for her and her friends.
It was a great party lots of food, games and dancing. Everyone had fun!        
Romella celebrates her 12th birthday
Romella likes chocolate!
They played games
Romella cut the first piece of cake
Plenty to eat for everyone
Romella's brother Greedy was happy and he ate good
60p tang mix 15 liters
185p ground beef 2 kilos
200p hot dogs 2 kilo
180p chicken
100p green peppers
80p carrots
86p potatos
19p onion
13p garlic
19p magic saraup spice
7p pepper
350p candies and chips
45p cooking oil
35p flour
40p eggs
15p plastic for plates
15p ice
40p marshmallows
Total  2,414p ($58.88)
This truly was a great time for Romella and her 24 friends who
attended. She never experienced a birthday party like this.

very hard to come by and there is competition for what little money is to be had. I learned money gives you options and individuals
living in severe poverty have limited options. Most of the time the option is you need to earn money today or your family won’t eat. It
is a sad plight for the people living in dire situations like this.

Jobs are hard to come by and it takes money to get a legitimate job. McDonald’s would be considered a legitimate job. The first
requirement to work at McDonalds is you must be a college graduate or be attending college. Then there are several papers you
must obtain. NBS (our FBI) background check, local police background check, social security papers, Physical including blood work,
a chest x-ray, and drug test. There are a few others that’s just what I know off the top of my head. The price for all that with travel
could run between $40 and $65. That is an insurmountable amount of money for someone in severe poverty. Without papers you’re
reduced to construction work for as low as (100p-150p) ($2.44-$3.65) for a full day of hard physical work. Minimum wage in the
Philippines is 450p ($10.98) for an 8 hour shift. The builders who charge the low rate know they will find someone in a desperate
situation that is willing to work so hard for so little pay. The guy who takes this job is often going to be working so he can feed his
family for the day. That is the only person who would works jobs like this, some with no other option.
For those that can’t land construction jobs there are many other angles to make money to eat.

Some people roam around selling cigarettes, candy, fish, bread, and about anything else. Others set up in the market selling an
assortment of goods. Filipinos can fix anything. T.V, cell phones, fans, appliances, umbrellas, you name it they will fix it. I saw a guy
the other day roaming around with some fans and cords and replacement parts. He was looking to fix any broken fans. I  bought a
belt and broom just seeing people walking around selling near my house. My favorite is riding a jeepney and being stuck in traffic
when a guy comes up selling water or a snack. The price is the same as anywhere else. If there is a way to earn even just a little bit
of money a Filipino is there to do it.
For woman without the proper paperwork they usually end up working as a maid for little pay or get into some kind strip bar.
compelling reason. Education is a reason so many parents hustle to earn a little money. There are many children who don’t attend
school simply because there is no budget for Notebooks, and pencils. Plus the initial cost of a school uniform and schools want you
to wear shoes. If you’re just barely putting food on the table the cost to send a child to school is too much. Some families can only
send some of their children to school because they don’t have budget to send them all.