15 Cristel Viola, Klaine Ocacla, Kaylene Ocacla, Kleyn Ocacla, John Carl Bermejo, Justin
Bermejo, Jesus Bermejo, Brixlord Regondola, Greedy Regondola, Rochelle Regondola,
Maryjane Magallon, Stephanie Magallon, Jeffery Magallon, Annalyn Magallon,Princess Pomario,
John Person Pomario,

7 Xian Pomario, Sean Pomario, Jeormel Evardo, Juniella Calog, William Palana, Kayth Ocalsa,
John Michael Bermejo
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Helping in the
# of Children
Corn beef and rice
276p 2 kilo corned beef
84p potatoes
16p onion
15p garlic

total 391p
Feeding Program
Mary Midose's Rice bank
This feeding was paid by Flor Penner The rice came from Mary Midose's rice bank
3 kilos used for feeding program
127 kilos left
video of the market experience. This goes with the story from the October 10th update
What Irene got
60p cassava 5 kilos
39p sugar 1 kilo
30p charcoal 3 bags
50p fare to get home
Total 209p ($5.10)

722.36p ($17.62)  482.86p 239.50p Adelaida Tanada medicine
The medicine was paid for by John Oravec

650p ($15.85) this was a new ink cartridge . After several thousand copies the black cartridge stopped working     
This cartridge was paid for by Ed Faught

1024p ($24.98) Internet access for homework program
470.72p  ($11.48) water bill
The water and Internet bill were paid for Steve McCrossin

1300p ($31.71) rent for Pearly’s house until we finish building the house
This house rental was paid for by Janet and Joe  

3000p ($73.17) October rent for the Precision Geophysical Action Center
The rent was paid by Mary Midose
These ingredients were bought by Pineapple man and Pam