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Helping in the
# of Children
128p bihon noodles
75p cabbage
12p beans
11p carrots
10p bell peppers
54p chicken
24p soy sauce
9p magic sarap spice
6p onion
3p garlic
10p cooking oil
5p black pepper

total 347p ($8.46)
Feeding Program
October 10
This feeding was paid by Anonymous sponsor 1      
sticky rice or cassava mixed with sugar and coconut shavings wrapped in banana leaves and then

Irene’s plan was to make suman and then roam the neighborhood selling it. I don’t give people
money and told her if she wanted help we could buy the ingredients to get her started. I told her to
visit the action center so we could talk more.
Mylene and I asked around and learned her story. Her son died in 2011 and she doesn’t have a
source of income. She is staying with a woman living in Sampaguita Bukid. Irene seemed nice and
her story seemed real.

We did an interview to find out what she needs and how we could help. A few days ago Irene
pawned her steamer for 300p ($7.32) to buy food and medicine. She is going to need the steamer
to make suman. Irene wanted to borrow money to get it back. I want to see her become as self
sufficient as possible. So I decided to help her get the steamer out and ingredients to get started.
This would not be a loan. That way she could use the money she makes for daily needs and to
buy more ingredients. When she came to the center for the interview she was selling puto on a
consignment deal. However the money for each piece she sells is very low. I think based on how
hard she tries she will do well with the help we provide her. Towards the end of the interview
when she realized we were going to help her she started crying. It made me feel sad for her and at
the same time happy she was going to get help.  

This 3 minute video shows part of the interview and going to get Irene's steamer out of
pawn. The store she pawned the steamer to did not charge her any interest. They did it as a
favor, which I thought was nice of them. We did not have time to go get ingredients today but we
will go tomorrow (if the weather is o.k there is a tropical storm coming) and buy Irene ingredients
at the market.
The help for getting the steamer 300p ($7.32)  was paid for by Thomas Highberg
We had some bad weather in the Philippines last night that