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Sampaguita. She also volunteered this year during our registration drive again helping
with the cooking and bringing the large pots to cook in.

Exter  has lived in Sampaguita over ten years and has 8 children ages 18, 17, 15,13, 10,
8, 4 and 2 months.
Exter’s ten year old daughter Annalyn had been experiencing abdominal pain for a few
night. It was determined Annalyn had a urinary tract infection.
Exter was hoping to get some help for the doctors prescription. Since she spent all her
extra money on the doctor. No parent wants to see their child suffer and we were happy
to help out with the cost for the prescription. The cost was 300 pesos ($7.31) Exter was
happy for the help and left right away to go get it filled.

Mylene and I were headed to the market and ran into her on her way back from getting
the prescription filled. She seemed happier then when she first arrived. I guess knowing
you can give your child relief would make any parent happy.

Later on we visited Exter and Annalyn and dropped off some soda crackers for Annalyn.
The crackers helped because Annalyn had an upset stomach and was having trouble
eating many foods. She was still experiencing some pain but the medicine should start
helping clear things up. We were told that the doctor said she should have some
sterilized milk to help with nutrition and because she had a tough time eating and missed
several meals. She should be able to handle the milk without getting sick. Tomorrow we
plan to get her some milk. It feels great to be able to help out like this to those really in

An update on Regondola family. There is clinic nearby that does basic checkups like for
worms and such for a small fee. They are not open all the time and we are unsure of their
schedule. Tomorrow we will check further into this so we can help those children get

On another note today we suffered a blackout here in the Philippines. A blackout is when
the electric company gets overloaded and is forced to make an emergency shutdown of
some of the plants. It lasted for most of the day. It causes all kinds of gridlock in the city
because the metro rails relies on electric to run and millions of people use the rails
everyday and were forced back into the streets to find other ways home. The blackout
kept me from finishing my financial report update. If there is no blackout tomorrow I
should be able to finally complete it.
God Bless
John Latecki Jr
Exter in blue helping cook last year for children in Sampaguita
Annalyn far right in red first time i met her                                                        Annalyn eating at the registration
Meeting Exter on way back from getting medicine                                              the prescription
Annalyn laying down not feeling well it hurts to stand                                                      Mylene giving her a big pack of crackers               
was paid for from a
donation made by
Janet Chisholm
Atlanta, Georgia
Exter was very
happy to be able to
get her daughter
the medicine she
needed and
thanked you many
times, and I would
like to say thank
you as well. Your
donation really
meant a lot to this
MCcrossin Millersburg,
large food buy. This
really helped a sick girl
who was having trouble
holding down food Exter
and Annalyn thank you
very much and so do I.