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doctor says because of his age and the medicine used to wait three months to give another
treatment because he still has more worms.

School will be starting soon in the Philippines and part of what we wanted to do was help the
children in need with basic school supplies. After asking around and doing some research it turns
out the Divisoria is the cheapest place to go and buy wholesale. The only downside to the Divisoria
is the location is in metro Manila, which is the most densely populated city in the world. The most
recent census list the population density at 111,576 people per square mile!

We were able to get to the Divisoria riding three jeepney about 20 miles at a cost of 43pesos
($1.04) per person. On the way back we would not be able to travel by jeepney because of all the
boxes we would have.
We left about 7:30am and arrived around 10:00am. There are so many stalls and about anything
you can imagine they have there. We spent several hours trying to find the best deals on school

Here is what we ended up getting
3,100p ($75.61) composition notebooks 400 notebooks         
1,550p ($37.80) spiral notebooks 200 notebooks
3,000p ($73.17) university notebook 200 notebooks
720p ($17.57) crayons 24 packs
144p ($3.51) pencil eraser 144 erasers  
117p ($2.85) pencil sharpeners 144 sharpeners
540p ($13.17) ball pens 150 pens
504p ($12.29) plastic ruler 144 rulers
1,045p ($25.49) pencils 228 pencils
260p ($6.34) colored paper 560 pieces
575p ($14.02) intermediate pad 50 notepads
75p ($1.83) grade 1 paper pad 10 pads
75p ($1.83)  grade 2 paper pad 10 pads
75p ($1.83)  grade 3 paper pad 10 pads
75p ($1.83)  grade 4 paper pad 10 pads
100p ($2.44) scissors 60 pairs
25p (.61) tape dispenser  
42p (1.02) scotch tape 12 rolls        
12,022p  ($293.22) total for school supplies
86p ($2.10) jeepney travel
600p $14.63) cab ride back
Total 12,708p ($309.95)
The next step will be to make kits up and hand them out. We will be inviting the recipients to pick
up their kits at the action center so we can further interview them and get pictures   
There were acres and acres of stalls and street vendors like this  
These school supplies were bought
from a donation from Steve
MCcrossin Millersburg, Ohio U.S.A
                     Placing the order                                                                              packing it up             
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