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daughter Princess

       Mylene giving the tarp to Princess
Madilyn caught up with us later to say thank you. We will revisit soon to get a picture of how the
tarp is being used.

Last night while online I got a video call from Pineapple man and his wife Pam. It was kind of a
pleasant surprise. They decided they wanted to adopt the Regondola children and help them
out with their needs. Pineapple man and Pam already helped them out getting the two boys
dewormed and bought coconut shells for them to cook with. They talked about helping them get
the electric turned back on and buying them ulam (anything to mix with rice) when they need it
and they wanted to get Brix lord a belated birthday gift. That is very exciting news for the
Regondola kids.

I stopped by in the evening and dropped off a pack of hot dogs and 4 eggs for ulam that will
give them a couple meals worth of ulam until their father arrives home tomorrow evening.   
I told them a little bit about pineapple man and Pam they are very grateful children. Tomorrow I
will invite them up to the action center to get on facebook so they can began to communicate
with Pineapple man and Pam.   
open market
for 300 pesos
by Steve MCcrossin
Millersburg, Ohio
it will help
keep the rain
out of part of
the house
   Greedy looks happier than usual                                                             Brix Lord colors by light of candle
Romella with the hot dogs Rochelle holding the eggs