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Today was the day Rommel set aside to take his two sons Brix lord and Greedy to the clinic to
higher. You can’t schedule a doctor’s appointment like in America so no matter where you go
you have to wait in line.

Rommel said the clinic was just a short walk away. Just into the walk I discovered from his
daughter Rochelle that the “short walk away” was over two miles. I decided the best thing to
do was take a trike. A trike is a motorcycle with a mounted side car and is a common means of
travel in the Philippines. The cost for five of us to travel to the clinic was 25 pesos or about .61
cents. Upon arrival we discovered the clinic did not have a Doctor on staff today, but we were
directed to another public clinic that did have a doctor on staff.

So another trike ride and we reached the next public clinic.

It turned out much better than I expected. We waited less than two hours and the doctor’s visit
and the medicine were free! Mylene said it is rare for them to have medicine to give out but
maybe because it was just after the election that might have had something to do with it.

The doctor scolded Rommel for waiting so long to get his children to see the doctor
considering Greedy’s severe condition. Also because the kids were enrolled on a type of
government assistance that is why there was no cost. So really there is no excuse for Rommel
not to take the kids for a checkup. The doctor recommended a monthly check up

Toward the end of the visit I went outside to give my seat up so a pregnant woman standing
could sit. While standing outside a white van pulled up and a man emerged from the back and
set a bag of prescriptions at my feet. Before long there were several boxes piled of medicine
piled up in front of me. That is great news for the kids!
This trip to the by
Pineapple man and
Pam Wooster, Ohio
Because the
doctors visit and
medicine was free
the cost of the trip
was the
transportation the
five of us. Total 90
pesos ( $2.20) trike
Thank you
Pineapple man and
Rommel Getting Brix Lord and Greedy checked in                                                    now we wait
its rare to have a doctor on site and the clinic filled up fast                    I gave my seat up and waited outside
Medicine being delivered to the clinic