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happy to say I think I am caught up.
Annalyn is doing better (if you missed her story check the May 8th  update) Mylene and I
visited her and dropped off some sterile milk. The doctor suggested this would help because
it would be easy on her stomach and provide good sustenance to help with the weight she
lost. Most food items are much cheaper in the Philippines than in America, but milk is not one
of them and Exter would never be able to afford milk.

I was able meet with Greedy’s father and Greedy will be going to get a checkup this
Wednesday. (If you missed Greedy’s story check May 7th update) The doctor will check to
see if he has worms and we can get him dewormed so we can begin to give him vitamins.

We also bought the Regondola family some coconut shells. I saw Rochelle cooking with
firewood, it’s not like real firewood but more of a hard stemmed weed that they gather from
empty lots. The problem with this “firewood” is it doesn’t stay lit and you have to keep blowing
on it to keep a flame. These kids struggle enough with no electric or running water and even
to cook fish and boil water is a struggle. So we got them a big bag of coconut shells to at least
make cooking easier. The coconut shells work great! They provide a strong fire and because
of natural oils they stay lit and don’t need to be constantly blown to keep a flame.  

Also Rochelle and Romella came up to the action center to get water. That made me happy
because I was afraid they might be too shy to come get water despite an open invitation. The
water they were drinking was nasty but they could not afford 3pesos or about 7 cents for 5
gallons of drinking water so they took the best water they could get for free. No one else I
know drinks this water. You can use it to wash with or flush a toilet and maybe wash cloths
with but not drink. Sometimes you find small shrimp looking things swimming around in this

Getting some good clean drinking water from the action center

Tomorrow Mylene and I will go meet with some families and try and ascertain the needs for
the upcoming school year first week of June. We sifted through the many registrations and
put them in order of priority. We will obtain pictures of the houses and living conditions and
the children. We are not doing this to exploit the families but as part of a documentary. It’s
important to see what life is like and how poverty is in a third world country. We explained this
to the families during the registration process and they all understood I would be taking
pictures and documenting the process.
Here is a recent article about how hard being a mom in the Philippines is.  
God Bless John Latecki Jr and Mylene Tanada            
This milk was for
10 cans from the
open market was
200p ($4.88)
Exter and This
milk was happy
and thankful for
the thankful for
the milk. Annalyn
wasted no time in
drinking some.
Thanks Janet!  
Pineapple man and his
The cost is 50 pesos a
couple of weeks. The
girls are very grateful
and happy to have the
shells and told me
many times to thank the
pineapple man and
Pam. I would like to
thank Pineapple man
and Pam as well for
making life a little easier
to children who already
have it rough.