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One neat aspect about helping in the Philippines is the ability of the sponsor to request how we
spend their money. Pineapple man and Pam wanted me to buy the Regondola children school
supplies including back packs, uniforms, shoes and socks. They also wanted me to get two year
old Greedy some sandals.
We went to phase 1 open market which would have everything we needed. To get to phase 1
market we walked about 800 yards through small alleys and winding paths them we hailed a trike
to take us to the market. Phase 1 market has just about anything you can imagine from fresh meats
and vegetables to cell phones and everything in between.

I never understood why kids in such a poor country are required to have uniforms for school. I
asked several people and while I am still not sure there was one reason that made some sense.
Many poor children don't have many cloths some only have one or maybe two shirts and shorts. If
there were no mandatory uniforms other kids would notice when the children wear the same
clothes everyday. Turns out most children only have one \uniformand its called "wash and wear"
because you wash them every night and wear them the next day but no one knows the kids are
wearing the same clothes everyday with uniforms.

The girls picked out the shoes and uniform for Brix Lord because he was not able to come, he had
to remain at home to keep an eye on Greedy.  

The total cost for everything is as follows

740p ($18.05)  three uniforms for Rochelle, Romela and Brix Lord
880p ($21.46) three shoes for Rochelle, Romela and Brix Lord
630p ($15.37)  three backpacks for Rochelle, Romela and Brix Lord (Receipt says 2 but it was 3)
30P (.73) three pairs of sox for Rochelle, Romela and Brix Lord
Total 2,280p ($55.61)
Rochelle and Romela waiting to get school uniforms
           Rochelle trying on a blouse                                                               Romela trying on blouse
Rochelle making sure the shoe fits                                             time to check out after they found what they wanted
Heading back home after getting set up for school
It has Rochelle's elementary diploma a picture of their
mother (she left them 6 months ago) their father, an older
family picture and recently added a picture of their
sponsors Pineapple Man and Pam.  
         Brix lord with Uniform and shoes                                  Rochelle and Romela with thier uniform and shoes