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see who is helping
periodically conduct visits and interviews of the families. Mylene has become busy since school
started with her children and positions she has taken in the PTA. So today Joan (pronounced “Joe
ann” in tagalog) helped with the field work in Sampaguita.

Remember Pearly’s family? There story was featured in an update on
April 14 and April 16. The
place they live was built to keep pigs and is near the creek and floods often. This year they had to
leave their place and take shelter in the school a few times from the heavy rains and the rainy
season has just started. They have a 30 sq meter lot set aside for them to build a house on which
is what they hope to make, even just a small make shift house would suit them. In the mean time
we rented them a place up top in Sampaguita away from the flood plain for two months. The cost
is 1,300p a month for two months that is 2,600p ($63.42). We checked in to get some pictures and
check the progress of the bathroom.  

Our next stop was down near the front gate of Sampaguita. This area was missed when we
handed out flyers about the Action Center’s computer and printer’s service for the students. The
reason it was missed is because we ran out of flyers before reaching this area last time. This time
around everyone got a flyer and we found out some information about three children Nolly 6,
Renier 5, and Renz 2 who were abandoned by their mother and father and left for the grandmother
to care for.         
Renz is always naked and playing in the dirty water. It appears the kids may suffer from
malnutrition.  The problem is almost all the people living in this section of Sampaguita spend most
days gambling. The Grandma of the children is one of the biggest gamblers. I gave them six packs
of noodles (two for each child)  After our visit and talking with them I told them I would see what we
could do to help the children.   

On the next visit I plan to tell them something like this…..
“I spoke with my sponsors in America and they are reluctant to offer any support at this time. The
reason is with our limited funds they want to help the children most in need. While your children
are in need they feel you could spend the money you use for gambling providing for the kids
needs. The sponsors wish to help those kids who have parents/guardians doing everything they
can and still falling short. So at this time the only help we are able to provide is prayer and we will
be praying for you. God Bless and if anything changes we will let you know” I was kind of
paraphrasing but it will be something along those lines. As word spreads through the community
about this conversation it might shame them into doing more for the children. The reality is we will
probably help the children anyway with vitamins and invite them to the Center for food.   

Our next stop was Pearly’s family to update them the status of the house up top and how the
bathroom was coming along. We bumped into Pearly before we reached her house; she was
going to fetch her daughter from school. We talked with Pearly for a bit and proceeded to her
house. I wanted to show Joan the location of their house and how close to the creek it is. One
husband Leonilo about the place up top and they are going to move in on Sunday.

After leaving Leonilo’s house we proceeded to the Pomario’s. If you remember back on
May 21 we
bought a tarp to help keep the rain out. This is how they used it to block rain from coming in the

While visiting Madilyn we discovered one of her children Maja 2 was recently hospitalized for
malnutrition. At this point she is not able to stand on her own. It was sad to see her and the other
children in this situation. We gave them a large bottle of Vitamins hoping to help make up for any
nutrients the children are not getting. Madilyn said they could use another tarp to block water
coming in the corner of the house on the backside. When it rains water comes in and half the small
room gets wet.

Our last stop was a visit to a special needs child named Mark Scyle.  Mark suffers from
Hypothyroidism. It can cause the child to have a range of different moods. When I visited him a few
days prior he was relaxed and calm and smiled a lot. The reason for the follow up visit is because I
had trouble communicating with Rosalie (Mark’s mother) last visit. She knows some English and I
know some tagalog but it was still difficult. From what I could understand she is wanting some help
with therapy for her son.
This time around was much better because Joan is fluent in English and tagalog making
translation easier. I saw a different attitude with Mark this time. He was trying to get to us and he
was laughing so hard. Rosalie had to hold him. By the end he was crying and seemed unhappy.
She said one of the issues is he will go up to people and grab and pinch them hard not realizing
he is hurting them. He has been to therapy in the past and takes medication. Rosalie produced
many several bills dating back a few years. Most are for therapy and some checkups are for blood
work so they know how to adjust his meds. He is five years old and not able to talk but he is
capable of making noise and probably could learn to speak with speech therapy. He missed a
follow up visit in May because they could not afford it. We told her to schedule a follow
appointment and let us know and we would see what we could do to help.

All and all it was a great day being out Sampaguita helping and learning the needs of the children.
Joan did a great job filling in for Mylene she has a knack for speaking with people and making
them feel comfortable and everything went much smoother than I expected.

Back at the Action that evening we had new student Bernadeth come up to use the computer. She
seen one of the flyers we handed out in the morning. What is unique about Bernadeth is she is 15
years old and does not know how to use a computer. Almost all kids in the Philippines know how
to use a computer even though they don’t own one. Computer stores are everywhere and its 10p .
(23) an hour to rent. Joan and Mylene spent some time teaching her mircosoft word and basic
searches. Her 13 year old brother came up later to get her for dinner and turns out he is good on
the computer. We encouraged them to stop back up so he can teach her to use a computer
because it will help with her school.
God Bless from Sampaguita Bukid Philippines                                
of this house comes
from a donation from
Janet Chisholm
Atlanta Georgia
United States of
Handing out noodles and getting information                                                   Nolly 6, Renier 5, and Renz 2
Looking into the room for Pearly's family  
Bathroom is almost finished
             Some of the Sampaguita residents near the gate                                                  Renz has many bite marks from bugs
The receipt for one month and deposit 2600p ($63.42).
   Leonilo and little William in their house near the creek                                                             inside the house
Left is before a picture and on the right is after with tarp this helps keep rain from coming in the side of the house
Above Mylene handing Maja a snack. This picture was taken May
this is sad to see. This is the kind of thing you see on save the
children commercial at 3:00a.m in the morning. But her in the
Philippines it is all too often a reality.  
These Vitamins were sponsored from Sean Fletcher
Doylestown, Ohio United States of America. Sean suggested
we use his donation to buy vitamins for some of the kids in
Sampaguita. These children can really use the added
supplements. This bottle cost 375.25p ($9.15) and will last all
the children 34 days.
Joan explains the importance of making sure the children get the vitamins daily                     this is where the family sleeps
             Contents of the vitamins                                    this is the part of the house that could use an additional tarp
Joan and I documenting our visit with Mark Scyle                                    Rosalie and mark share a smile
States of America