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One of the most pleasant surprises around Sampaguita has been the change in attitude of
Rommel Regondola. We featured
updates about the children including our trip to the doctors to
get young Greedy dewormed. During that time Rommel was not around much and when he did
come home he was always getting drunk. Pineapple man and pam sponsored the children and
provided many things for the children including school uniforms, bags, shoes, and food. Mylene’s
mom told Rommel that he risked the children losing their sponsorship if he continued to not be
around and getting drunk all the time. Even though that is not true because Pineapple man and
Pam planned to help the children regardless of their father’s actions it changed his whole attitude.
He started coming home from work every day taking care of the kids needs and he stopped
drinking! I was very surprised and delighted to see this change in Rommel. He just took a job
where he is going to be gone for a week and not collect a wage until the following week and the
kids were about out of food so the day before Rommel left for work I bought a half sack of rice (55
pounds)and the children some ulam (food that goes with rice). Rommel was very happy because
despite his short comings he does love his children and he has peace of mind they will eat while
he gone at work. Rochelle printed out a picture of Pineapple man and pam along with pictures of
herself above them to show all her friends. The Regondola children are so happy for their
sponsors and tell everyone about them.  
875p ($21.35) 25 kilos (55pounds) of rice
35p (.86) 2 cans corned beef
85.60p ($2.09) 4 cans pork and beans
128p ($3.12) 8 cans of ulam king different flavors
65p ($1.59) 4 packs of ready to eat ulam
38p (.93) loaf of bread

We are continuing to meet more of the residents in Sampaguita. One of the most interesting
residents who I have not yet really talked with is the “bolo lady” (a bolo is a machete) I passed by
her place many times and she is usually sitting outside swinging her machete chopping up some
wood to sell for firewood. After reviewing our registration and talking with Mylene she is one of the
families who could use some help considering she has 8 children 7 living at home. Her husband
does not have regular work so they do what they can to get by, she always seems so happy.
I gave here some 12 packs of noodles from our food bank. I noticed many different neat looking
things like a kettle on the end of a stick and some homemade things I am not sure what the use is
but no doubt there is an interesting story behind it.

We got our first electric bill which covered one and half months and was 2,033.40p ($49.60)
We also bought a wireless router so we could run two computers when we have lots of students.
The cost was 1,150p ($28.05)

We also gained two big sponsors over the past couple of days!
These sponsors learned about my efforts from sister Monika Christensen. I can't tell you how
much I appreciate her spreading the word about my efforts in the Philippines. She has always
been one of my biggest supporters in all my adventures and for that I am thankful to her.  

The first sponsor wished to remain anonymous and asked me to use TB0817 instead of his name.
He knows what it means
TB0817 donated $200 which comes to $193.90 after paypal fee
Ed Faught donated $250 which comes to $242.45 after paypal fee
We have received some requests from our sponsors as to what they would like to do to help.
Sean Fletcher wanted to give some vitamins to some of the children
Flor Penner wanted to feed some children at the Action Center
Monika Christensen wanted to use her donation towards education
Middle school, high school and college student all use the Action Center for school
Handing out notebooks to students
The are from school
The supplies
notebooks notebooks
are from school
supplies bought by
Steve McCrossin
Millersburg Ohio
United States of
25 kilos of rice on the scale
Rommel carrying the rice home
The receipt for the ulam bought for the kids
Rochelle with a picture of her sponsors pineapple man and Pam
Romella and Greedy with their ulam bought by Pineapple man and Pam
from a big food buy
The bola lady with the noodles and her kids