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helping in the Philippines. Education is the best weapon against poverty and these school supplies
Friday we handed out school supplies to 59 children and on Saturday 79 children for a total of 138

There are too many pictures to post here on this website but I have an album on several places on
facebook. If your a member of facebook
click here to see the complete album of all 138 children
one family at a time. Actually there were three children not pictured because they were working or
had other responsibilities.  

The pictures on the wall behind the children are of Steve MCcrossin who donated the money to
make this mass handout of school supplies possible. While handing out the school supplies we
were able to tell the parents and children a little about Steve and his business Precision
Geophysical. Steve also donated the money that secured the action center where we handed out
the school supplies. Many of the families thought this was something that I was doing and when
they learned the funds came from Steve it made feel special to know that someone on the other
side of the world who never met them cares enough to help.       

It was a bit hectic trying schedule the families and then making sure they all got what school
supplies they need while providing snacks and drinks. Lucky for me I had some great helpers  

what we handed out to the children was based on their grade. for example the high school kids got
collage line notebooks and the younger kids got the wide rule notebooks. older kids got pens
younger kids got pencils. It was all based on their grade We handed out crayons, pencils, pens,
pencil sharpners, erasers, rulers, colored paper, notebooks and pad papers
we also provided a snack of bread and peanut butter while handing out the school supplies
Steve MCcrossin                                                           a newspaper story about Precision Geophysical