July 5
In this update ...The Action Center homework program is continuing to go well. We started a
registration page covering the week of June 28--July 4 and will continue the registration sign in
sheet. The vitamin give away went well and we decided to continue it with two new families. We
picked up copy paper, paid the Action Center rent, and bought some ulam for the Regondola children

Many of the students in the Philippines don’t have workbooks and must rely on the internet or any
books they can get their hands on to complete assignments. Most of the school work involves
cutting and pasting information about the current subject including pictures. The info and pictures
are put in mircosoft word to be printed out. For those kids that don’t have a computer or can afford
to rent one they must find information in a book and copy it down and draw a picture of the subject.
The children of Sampaguita who use the homework program are very thankful.

We found a couple more families who can really benefit from multivitamins. Cherry Bermejo’s family
has the 4 smallest children in Sampaguita for their ages. Cherry is a nice woman but she has a
severe gambling problem. Even if she has 10p (about .25cents) she will look for a card game hoping
to make the 10p grow. The reality is she should buy her children snacks with the money instead of
gambling all the time.

The next family is Ester Magallon’s family. Her husband Vicente works as a construction worker.
They have 8 children and they do the best they can. Construction workers work hard and make very
little pay in the Philippines. Ester is one of the most well liked residents in Sampaguita. She helped
with cooking last year and this year when we fed the kids. We helped her back on
May 8 when her
daughter Analyn was hospitalized with urinary tract infection. While handing out the vitamins Mylene
noticed the youngest child Joshua, 5 months old looked sick and suffering from severe malnutrition.
The problem is while Analyn was in the hospital Ester was away from Joshua for too long and
stopped breastfeeding. He was also hospitalized at that time too because of the sudden stop of
breastfeeding. It seems they were not giving him the proper milk.  Now Joshua has a yellowish color
to him and his skin is rough and saggy. The problem is the vitamins we got for the children are for
children between 1-12 years old. We will return with some infant vitamins and maybe some kind of
milk formula for infants.

The Regondola children were out of ulam and their father would not be returning until the next day
so we walked to Sampaguita to get some ulam

20p Two salted eggs
34p Pack of cheese dogs       
25p chicken adobo               
Contact email jlatecki@yahoo.com
see who is helping
Joan with Cherry's two children Justin and Jesus jr                   Mylene with Cherry's two children Justin and Jesus jr  
We also included a picture of Sean Fletcher with his name on the back, Sean is the one who sponsored the vitamins. This is important to let
the people know there are many people around the world that care. If we don't include pictures and stories about the sponsors many of the
people tend to think it is just me doing this, but when they learn there others that care it makes them feel special    
Joan with Jeffrey, Joshua and Ester
Mylene with Jeffrey, Joshua and Ester
These Vitamins were
sponsored from Sean
Fletcher Doylestown, Ohio
United States of America
We bought 1,000 sheets
of printing paper for the
Action Center
This paper was sponsored by
Monika Christensen Wooster,
Ohio United States of America
The rent for
          Rochelle and Dannyca  getting ulam
The ulam was paid for by
Pineapple man and Pam wooster,