For the week of July 22 - July 26
In this update: Homework program, vitamins, doctor’s visits and the food program week two

Another week another group of students using the homework program.

We gave another 500ml bottle of  vitamins to Madilyn. The last bottle helped so much, in fact back
June 27, Maja her two year old daughter was suffering from Malnutrition to the point she could
not walk when we gave the first bottle of vitamins. Within a week she was walking again and had
her color returned to her face. Maja and the rest of Madilyn’s kids are regulars in the new feeding
program and seem to be doing much better.     

We had a couple of Doctor’s visits and prescriptions this week.  On the same day we visited
Madilyn in update
June 27 we also visited Rosalie and her son Mark Scyle. Mark has
Hypothyroidism and they sometimes have a hard time paying for checkups and medicine. Rosalie's
husband drives a trike and he just barely makes enough to support his family of four. Based on
their situation we feel they qualify for medical assistance for mark.

The next individual we helped with a checkup and medicine was Adelaida Tanada, Mylene’s
mother. Adelaida lives in Sampaguita with her two grandchildren and daughter in law at her sons
house. Her son (mylene’s brother) works in Saudi Arabia. He makes enough to send home money
for his family including putting his youngest son through college, but not much extra. Adelaida has
no income because she worked mostly as a maid and never paid into the Philippines version of
social security. Things have changed in the Philippines since that time. Now most places require
your employees pay in and even if they don’t you can pay in yourself. There are vendors selling on
the street that self pay into social security, but it was not like that back then when Adelaida was
working. So she is 70 years old with no income but she is lucky to have a good son to take care of
Adelaida  had been experiencing dizziness, headache the shakes and just overall did not feel well.
She had been feeling that way for a couple months and finally Mylene convinced her to go to the
hospital. Her mother did not want to go because of the cost. It was a good thing we visited the
hospital when we did.   
As it turns out Adelaida's blood pressure was very high. After taking her blood pressure the nurse
immediately requested she go lay down and they gave her medicine they ended up having to give
her two doses to get her blood pressure at a manageable level. They were going to keep her in the
hospital overnight if her blood pressure did not come down.
They did several tests to find out what was wrong besides her high blood pressure.     

The food program entered the second week to rave reviews from the children. It is so rewarding to
see kids so happy to eat! However I did experience disappointed in frustration when it comes to
Nolly 6, Renier 5, and Renz 2 and their grandmother. We visited them also in the
June 27 update.
Out of all the children I feel these kids need the most help. Both their parents left them and their
grandmother who cares for them is a worthless addicted and obsessed to gambling piece of trash.

She lives literally next door to the action center and she won’t bring or let the kids come and eat a
good meal 5 days a week. Why? She was the only one who ever asked me to find a sponsor to
give her money. I explained I was afraid she would gamble the money away but we would be more
than happy to help the kids with their needs. From what I read between the lines from her before
she will “let” the kids come eat a free meal I will have to pay her off with cash. Things like this piss
me off more than you will ever know.
I understand it is not Christian like and I am sure Jesus is not happy with my feelings but I honestly
can’t control how I feel about this. What I can control is praying and repenting to relieve these
feelings. I don’t like to feel this way but to withhold your grand kids from getting much needed help
to extort money for gambling just rubs me the wrong way. This is not America, this is a third world
country so poverty over here is way more painful than poverty in America. I don’t have anything
against gambling it is just how it hurts the kids that bother me. She is so obsessed with gambling
she lost her government assistance over it. She won’t stop even after being warned. She gambles
out in front for everyone to see. Why would she not do it inside after being warned? It just blows my
mind. Sorry to go on like this I will step down off my soapbox now. I still want to find a way to help
the kids and will figure something out.    

On a happier note here are the children who participated this week

Monday was mongo beans mix
0p mongo beans we still had beans left over from last week so there was no cost for the beans
85p pork
20p onion
5p garlic
0p left over from last week
total 110p ($2.68)
we had 14 kids show up

Tuesday was macaroni soup
30p 1/2 kilo of macaroni
40p carrots
30p hot dogs
20p onion
30p kilo cabbage
total 150p ($3.66)
we had 14 children show up

Wednesday was squash and noodles
30p squash
15p ramon noodles
total 45p ($1.10)
we had 15 kids show up

Thursday we had corned beef
170 corned beef
40p potatos
total 210p ($5.12)
we had 15 kids show up

Friday burger patties with eggs
90p burger patties
20p eggs
total 110p ($2.68)
we had 15 kids show up

we served 73 meals to 15 different children. The cost was $15.24 plus $1.00 for cooking oil $16.24
total for ulam and cooking oil
and $5.12 for 13.2 pounds of rice for a total cost of $21.36 to serve 73 meals at a cost of just over  
29¢ a meal.
Contact email
see who is helping
Pomario kids Jhon Person, Princess,Marian and Maja
Jhon Micheal and Jhon Carlo
Justine,Jhon Carlo, Jhon Micheal, Stephane, and Jeffrey
Jhon Carlo, Justine, Jesus Jr., Mary Jane, Jeffrey, Stephane
and Analyn
Analyn  doing school work while eating
Marian, Maja and Princess Pomario
Jhon Person, Marian, Maja and Princess
Jhon Person
William Frazer and Juniella
Jhon Carlo and Jerry Jr. Pomario
Jhon Micheal by the time I got around to taking a picture he was finished
Juniella, William Frazer and Jhon Micheal
This 500ml bottle of vitamins was bought by Sean
Fletcher Doylestown Ohio United States of America
412.75p =$10.07
210p = $5.12
330p=  $8.05
Total=   $13.17
Adelaida getting her blood pressure checked while Mylene fills out paperwork
The urinalysis reveled a urinary tract infection and the blood work revealed a higher than
normal white blood cell count.
They wanted to do additional tests the next morning but they needed her to take a certain
medicine and not eat anything and come back at 7:30am  
The next morning Adelaida went in for additional blood work and they discovered her triglyceride
(a bad cholesterol) was higher than normal.
The bill for both days below
I would want to be in America. However when it comes to urinalysis and blood work I don't think an
American urinalysis is any more accurate or better than one in the Philippines. Same goes for
blood work. Lab work I would think would be equal because they use the same process but why is
it so much more in America?
The urinalysis cost 125p that = $3.05. I want to say when I peed in a cup in America it was over
$100 not counting the doctors fee. The best I ever did was $75 to see a doctor and it was actually
much more but because I did not have insurance they gave me a break for paying cash but if I had
insurance it would have been more. The fee here at this hospital to see a doctor is 200p = $4.88
now I understand the value of a dollar is much stronger vs a Philippine peso but the hospitals in
America seem to add a ridiculous amount to some of their services. The best example is on the
first bill above they charged 15p =.37 cents for a liter of bottled water. Now that is what you would
pay for water at a store here in the Philippines. What would a hospital in America charge for a
bottle of water? I would bet it would not be what you could buy it for at wal-mart.     
The total cost for two doctors visits 2 blood work and  urinalysis is as follows.  
832p=$20.29          first visit
640p= $15.61        second visit
1451.08p=$35.39  prescription
Total $71.29
This total plus the Marks total of $13.17 comes to grand total of $84.46 These meds and doctors
visits were divided between the sponsors who did not delegate exactly where they wanted the
money to go. In other words they said use it for what you need,

Ed Faught
Flor Penner
Pineapple man and Pam
Steve McCrossin
Aaron McAfee
Anonymous sponsor #1
Janet Chisholm
Sean Fletcher
each sponsor paid $9.38 to cover the bills and meds
Jeffrey, Mary Jane, Stephane, Jesus Jr. , Justine, John Carlo
and Analyn
Maja, Princess, Marian and Jhon Person
Jhon Micheal Bermejo and John Carlo Pomario
William Frazer and Juniella
Stephane, Jeffrey, Mary Jane, Jesus Jr. , Jhon Carlo, Justine and
Princess, Maja, Marian and Jhon Person
Jhon Carlo Pomario and Jhon Micheal Bermejo
William Frazer and Junniella
The receipts for the prescriptions
Jeffrey, Mary Jane, Stephane, Justine, John Carlo and Analyn
The food and ingredients for the
food program were bought Flor