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The homework program continues to be going strong. Here is a list of students from the past week.

This week we started a food program for the poorest children some even suffering from malnutrition.
The idea is to provide a meal for these children Monday – Friday to help with nutritional needs they
might not otherwise be getting. We have selected 15 children for the program. Not all showed up the
first couple of days but we got everything worked out by later in the week and they now understand
the schedule and come based on if they attend school in the morning or afternoon.  

We bought two 50 kilo bags of rice for the program. We actually bought three bags (the minimum  for
free delivery) but one was for me. The other two sacks were bought through a donation from Ed
Faught and TB0817. The price per 50 kilo (110 pounds) sack is 1,750p  ($42.68)

Monday was mongo soup ingredients bought at the market   
60p mongo
5p malunggay leaves
15p seasoning mix
80p pork
15p tomato
10p onion
Total 185p ($4.51)
we had only 7 children show up for the first day

Tuesday was macaroni soup ingredients bought at market
25p macaroni
20p pork cubes
10p carrots
41p hotdogs
25p evaporated milk
Total 121p ($2.95)
we had 10 children show up second day

Wednesday was eggs and hotdogs with rice
130p tray of 30 eggs (some of these eggs were used in the macaroni soup)
41p hotdogs
40p cooking oil (used for several meals)
Total 211p ($5.14)
we had 14 children on the third day

Thursday Ramon noodles and vegetables bought at pure gold
24.36p pchay Chinese cabbage
19.46 Carrots
114.75p Ramon noodles 17 packs
13.95p Seasoning
Total 172.52p ($4.21)
we had 13 children on the fourth day

Friday burger patties with rice
132p burger patties 18
Total 132p ($3.22)   
last day of the week we had 13 kids show up

Overall it was a good week even though we had some children not show on some days for different
reasons we were still able to serve 57 meals to 15 different children. The cost was $20.03 for ulam
and $4.27 for 11 pounds of rice for a total cost of $24.30 to serve 57 meals at a cost of just under  
43¢ a meal. We used rice 3 days the other two days when we served Macaroni soup and noodles
we did not use rice and we had some ingredients left over like spices and such to use for next week.
While walking around Sampaguita this weekend the children asked if we were going to do the
feeding program again this week. They were very excited because these are tasty meals for them
and it was so nice to see how excited these kids were to eat.  
Something you might of noticed from the pictures is how some of the children sit on the floor when
they eat. I don't understand why but they seem to be more content eating on the floor than at the
table or on the couch. I gave up trying to make them eat at the table and told them to eat where they
feel most comfortable and they move to the floor right away.   
The big sacks of rice are delivered in a side car built  on a motorcycle they get as close as they can than carry it the rest of the way
  Mylene and Joan pick out vegetables.                             There are so many markets in the Philippines filled with fresh food
Most meat found in the market  were from animals butchered at dawn that day.              So many kinds of fresh fruits too
Madilyn  Pomario's 5 children enjoying some mongo.,Jhon Carlo,
Princess, Marian, Jhon Person, and Maja. Young Maja standing
next to her mother can now walk again after being put on some
Pearly's  Calog two children also enjoy some mongo Juniella and
William Frazer
Ester Magallon's children Mary Jane, Analyn, Stephane, and Jeffrey                      Jhon Carlo, Princess, Marian, Jhon Person
Juniella and William Frazer
Princess, Marian, Jhon Person, and Maja
Mary Jane, Analyn, Stephane, Jeffrey, John Carl, Jesus, Justine
           Juniella and William Frazer                                                                                         Jhon Carlo
Mary Jane, Analyn, Stephane, Jeffrey, John Carl, Jesus, and Justine             Juniella, William Frazer and John Michael            
Jhon Carlo, Maja, and Jhon Person
  Jhon Carlo, Jesus, Analyn, Stephane, Jeffery                                   Princess, Marian, Jhon Person, and Maja    
      Juniella, William Frazer and John Michael                                                               John Carlo   
food program were bought Flor
Penner a Filipino living in America.
It was actually Flor's idea to do
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