see who is helping
Homework program, Maja walks, Joshua gets formula and vitamins, water bill, microwave
and food program.
The homework program continues to be a useful tool helping many students from Sampaguita

When we visited Maja back on June 27 we discovered she was not walking due to malnutrition.
What a difference a couple of weeks on the vitamins made for Maja. Her color is back in her face
and she is walking around. She will be visiting the Center tomorrow and we will get a picture

Ester Magallon’s family was another family we handed out vitamins but her youngest Joshua child
was too young to take them. We picked up some baby formula and infant vitamins for Joshua.

The second water bill arrived and I was expecting an increase because we used more water this
past month plus what we give away. However it was still about the same 113.36p ($2.76)

Something we have wanted to do is feed some of the malnourished children. The only way to
make sure it gets done is to feed the children at the Action Center. This would be an ambitious
undertaking providing a meal every day to malnourished children. It would have to be split up into
two feedings a day because some children attend school from 6:00a.m to 12:00pm while others
attend school from 12:00pm to 6:00pm.
Then there would be the process of cooking twice a day it seemed like too much until I
remembered a cooking tool that is almost unheard of in the Philippines, microwave. We could
prepare meals and package them in containers and heat them up at meal time. Now there will be
times when we cook in real time but being able to cook the night before and just warm and serve
the next day will be invaluable on days we are busy with other projects. So we got a microwave for
the food program. Our first day of the food program will be Monday July 15.

We had two donations since last update
Sean Fletcher and Pineapple man and Pam both donated $50.00 $(48.25 after paypal fee) thanks

Now more on the hospital visit. It all started with a swollen right foot. The next day my right foot
and leg below the knee was swollen. I felt ok but it was swollen pretty big. Then the next day my
other leg below the knee swelled up making both legs swelled up big. I felt fine and it really did not
hurt so I waited a few days to see if it would pass. The swelling would go down and even
disappear when I laid down. However within minutes of moving around in the morning the swelling
returned. On the third day the swelling went down some but the ankles and feet was still swollen
but not as bad. The swelling remained moderate for the next several days and then I got a fever
one evening but went away during the day but returned the next night after a couple days of this
the fever lasted all day. After a day of fever it only returned at night.
Then my lymph nodes on both sides of my pelvic area swelled up pretty big. I researched online
my symptoms and it appeared to be an infection. There was page that said what to expect when
going to a doctor about something like this. It said they will probably want to do a blood and urine
analysis to rule out any issues with the liver and kidney and if that checks out most likely prescribe
Finding medical attention can be tricky in the Philippines. Many clinics don’t have a set rate and
charge what they feel you can pay.  I figured a clinic in the mall would be a safe bet but when I
arrived they were so many people there waiting they were not taking any more patients for the day.
I called Mylene and had her make some calls to see what she could come up with. We found a
hospital nearby with a doctor on call and proceeded there.
I was pleasantly surprised; the doctor spoke better English than most doctors in America. It went
like the info on the internet said he ordered a blood and urine test to rule out anything severe.
What was shocking was they had a lab there and the results took less than an hour to come back!
I was relieved to find everything was O.K with liver and kidneys. He prescribed me some antibiotics
and I was good to go. The next shock was the price. I had blood and urine work done before in
America and it was expensive. The blood test was 300p ($7.32) urine test 125p ($3.05) and the
fee to see the Doctor was 200p ($4.88) That’s a total of $15.25!
I am on my second day of antibiotics and still feel tired but much better overall     

Joan gives Ester the formula and infant vitamins
bought by a donation from Sean
Fletcher Doylestown Ohio United
Wooster, Ohio the price 2,479p
($60.47) this will be a valuable tool for
the upcoming feeding program at the
Action Center