Project 15
Project 15 is not a charity. With charities sometimes money gets embezzled or used for kickbacks or
misappropriated. Project 15 is the service that allows individuals to be able to help those in need in a third
world country directly. You are the charity because you pay for the basic goods, medicine, clothes,
whatever you want to buy to help those in need.
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2017 Philanthropy

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Pages Hyrule market
Today we helped Christian Mendoza. When we arrived today Christian
was not happy. Lerma had him on the nebulizer. Christian went to the
clinic last week for a checkup and as prescribed medicine. We also
started him on a nutrition drink regiment. We did not get him any
nutrition mix today because we wanted to see how he was getting
along and find out what he took in the past. Lerma said pediasure was
good for him but they could never afford that kind of formula. Pediasure
is designed for a child in mind and we will get that next time we visit.
Lerma had another request for salbutamol which is used for his
nebulizer, we will also get that next week when we visit.

Christian’s care package

2 kilo (4.2pounds) of rice $1.91
Total $1.91

Food and Drink
700g of powdered milk $4.71
2 eggs .30¢
2 packs ramon noodles .31¢
2 ulam king .72¢
½ kilo sugar .56¢
10 packs of crackers $1.10
Total $7.70

6 packs surf laundry soap .59¢
Total .59¢

Grand total $10.20
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Today we helped a woman named Margarita, just like the
drink. I remember helping Margarita before and checked my
records to find April 5, 2017 was the first time we helped her.
Back then she was sitting in in the prime shaded spot near
Mercury drug store and had a nice outfit on. Today she was
reduced to sitting on the footbridge and did not look as
healthy as back in April.    
Margarita is 76 years old and lives in Camarin, which is near
Almar. Her husband is 82 years old and has trouble standing.
Margarita has two children. Her son has an issue with his
kidneys and she has a daughter who lives in Laguna (a
couple hours away) with 7 children.
Margarita was very happy to get this care package and this
was a big help to her. For those interested I the comparison
here is a link to a LIVE video we did April 5, 2017 she
appears at 44 seconds into the video.
Margarita Video Like I
said she looked much better on that day than today.  
Left: Jenny interviews Margarita. Above:
Margarita's care package.
Below: Margarita
watches with a smile as Jenny sets out the care
package to be documented   
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Left: Rochelle
Regondola stands in
front of the dental clinic
to get fitted for a bridge

Right: the dentist
examines Rochelle for

Below: Because the
clinic was closed for a
week they were busy
Today Rochelle visited the dental
clinic to get fitted for her bridge. On
November 3, 2017 Rochelle had 5
front teeth pulled.
November 3

She was planning on going back the
next Friday but her mouth was still a
bit swollen and sore. The following
Monday the 13th was the ASEAN
summit and it was a holiday all
week and the clinic was closed.

Because this was the first day the
clinic was open in a week it was
really busy. The dentist took a mold
and Rochelle will have her bridge
this Friday. She is so happy. In the
long run I think it is good she waited
so long because the fit will be right
To see complete November 20, 2017 update along with detailed description check out our facebook album
Left: The first thing we did this morning was take Jencel
Salibay to the doctor for a checkup. Jencel was diagnosed
with a type of tuberculosis in August. She first started taking
medicine October 18 and she was almost out of medicine
and needed a checkup again.
The doctor said Jencel is responding to the medicine which
is part of a 6 month treatment and she is just starting the
second month. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic along with
the tuberculosis treatment. The tuberculosis treatment is
three medicines taken together, Isoniazid Pyridoxine HCL,
Rifampicin, and Pyrazinamide. The antibiotic prescribed is
Jencel seems to be doing better overall. She was in a good
mood today and seemed like a normal kid. Her cough is
gone and she has energy. The doctor suggested we get her
milk to drink before her medicine and milk also helps with

Below: When I went to visit Lilly at the hospital she was in
pain. She was suffering from cramps. I used some of
6thAngel’s donation to pay for 2 blood tests (one for sodium
and potassium) and an abdominal x-ray. The doctor
prescribed some medicine  hyoscine butylbromide and
buscopan for pain along with fibrosine food supplement. At
this point it is most likely a urinary tract infection or kidney
stones, maybe both.  Lilly will go back on Monday for the
results of the x-ray.
Left The last philanthropy we did today was buy
school supplies for Bernadeth. She started the
second semester of senior high and did not have
the school supplies she needed. Unfortunately
some kids here do not go to school because they
lack basic school supplies like notebooks and
pens. All the kids that fit that category in Buklodan
we helped at the start of the year but with the new
semester there might be some high school kids
that are lacking what they need, Bernadeth is one
of those students in need. She was so happy to
get the school supplies she needs. I like to see
kids enthusiast about education.  
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We visited Christian to drop off a care package. We got him
pediasure to help with his weight. The medicine the doctor
prescribed last week for appetite seemed to help. We also
got him some medicine for his nebulizer and some other
things. Christian will go back to the clinic on Monday the 27th
same time as Sean    
I was talking with
Queenie (Sean’s mom)
and she mentioned
Sean had lost some
weight and was not
interested in eating like
before. I thought Sean
would be a good
candidate for a
The doctor prescribed
some vitamins and
ordered an x-ray. To
get an x-ray Sean had
to go to another clinic,
but it was only a few
hundred yards away.
The x-ray will be ready
to pick up on Friday
the 24th and Sean will
return to the clinic on
Monday the 27th for
the doctor to check
over the results.
To see complete November 23, 2017 update along with detailed description check out our facebook album
Left was
before here
dental bridge
Right is her
after. What a
To see complete November 24, 2017 update along with detailed description check out our facebook album
Christian appears to have
asthma according to the doctor.
I know he had breathing issues
before but this is the first I
heard of this. He was
prescribed some asthma
medicine and vitamins.
Salbutamol, Guaifenesin
salbutamol and Vitamin
b-complex, iron, lysine. This
should be a big help to him.
This visit was a follow up from
last week and cost $1.49
Lilly went back to Thunderbird clinic to have her x-ray looked at. To make a long
story short it is probably a severe case of constipation. She was given some
laxatives and we will see what happens. She may need another test in a week
based on how things go. There was no charge for the clinic visit, just the
Sean Vanne has
pneumonia. I was
surprised he has
pneumonia because
he seems okay. It
showed up on the
x-ray in his lungs. He
had been struggling
with loss of appetite
and weight loss. The
doctor prescribed
Cefuroxime axetil.
There was no charge
for this visit because
the doctor just
checked the x-ray
and wrote a
Today we helped
Fernando and
Junicia. We helped
Fernando before he
is 66 years old and
has 4 children (3
boys 1 girl). They
have their own
families and are not
able to help so
sometimes he
comes to Almar
and sits on the
footbridge hoping
to get some money
for basic needs.
Left: The top chart shows a
breakdown on how the money
was spent and the other chart
shows how much funds we
have available as of November
28, 2017

Above: Junicia shows Yhana
the medicine she is taking
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To see complete November 28, 2017 update along with detailed description check out our facebook album
Left: Lerma and Christian
Above: Christian's care package
Today we visited Christian Mendoza to
give him a care package. Christian seems
to be doing better now that he is taking
vitamins, medicine and pediaure. The
asthma medicine helps with his breathing.
Lerma and Felix are grateful for the help.
They have a very limited income and this is
a big help.  I give them a lot of credit for
caring for Christian considering he is not
related to them.