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The building of a house in Sampaguita.

I never dreamed my vision would reach the point we could actually build a house for a family in
need. God is good and blessed me with so much support we broke ground August 13!
The family we are building a house for is by far the most deserving. Pearly volunteered her help
back in 2012 on my first trip to the Philippines and been a huge help this trip back. To learn more
about their story
click here.
They live in a flood plain in Sampaguita and the government told them they must move because it
is unsafe. The structure they live in was built to house pigs.     
On August 13 the materials were purchased  to build a house. They have a space available to
build on. It is on the side of the hill and needs to be leveled off but it is a space none the less and
will be their future home.
I never built a house before and it turned out I was over budget but thankfully I have understanding
sponsors. The total cost of the materials was 23,050p ($562.20) and the labor including getting the
material to the remote area 2,500p ($60.98) for a grand total of $623.18
The bill was split up between Steve McCrossin, Ed Faught and TB0817 each contributing $207,73
Truck getting as close as it can to the building site                                    The workers preparing to unload the materials
                    Unloading the truck                                                           Carrying the supplies back to the building site
             A team effort carrying the wood back                     The sand is shoveled into bags and carried back to the building site
I followed along the haulers to show the pathway back to the job site. For some reason most of the helpers don't wear shoes and the
path is filled with stones and many other things I would not want to step on barefoot. Another shock was that the helpers run carrying
the 80 plus pound bags of sand! Because of the running I was not able to follow any one individual back but rather wait for the next
helper to snap a picture of the trail back to the job site.
                  A view of the building site                          They need to make a level space on the side of the hill to build the house
       Still would not want to be barefoot on this trail!                                   The trail winds between makeshift houses
Sampaguita residents hanging out enjoying the day                  
Bing Bing is trusting  a bamboo pole that if breaks drops straight
down to the creek below. No way would I sit there!
The helpers continue along the path between houses back to the building site
                              Getting closer                                                           A right turn past houses and almost there
 Getting off the main path and closer to the job site             Passing another construction site still can't believe walking barefoot
                 On a dirt path now                                                                         Watch out for that big hole!
                That would be bad to step in this                                                    Finally made it time to dump the sand
Digging out line for the first wall
The next morning the rest of the supplies arrive gravel and hollow blocks
        The helpers build poles to support the walls                   The steel framed poles are set in the ground to provide support
                 The first wall goes up                                                                          The helpers secure the wall
Sides were added as you can see much earth needs to be moved to level it off                       A view from above
area along with a monsoon resulting in heavy rain and flooding everyday, At the time of this update metro Manila is
60% under water receiving 19 inches of rain in less than 24 hours. We will continue to update this project as it