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April, 16, 2013
with lots of things to carry and offers to help. He also helps people flag down cabs and any other job he can get.
If everything goes right he can make enough money to buy food for the day and be home around 10:00am. Once he reaches
Before the leaving for the Philippines Steve Mccrossin of Precision  geophysical gave me $400 to help in the in the Philippines. It
was a very generous donation. So far I had not provided any assistance to anyone in Sampaguita. I have still been assessing the
situation doing interviews with families and looking at the state of the neighborhood to determine the best use of funds. This
Sunday April 21st we will have a registration meeting to get everyone who wants registered. During our few interviews we found
that no parents know their kids shoe size because most of kids never owned a pair of shoes. We will have a tape measure to get
accurate sizes Sunday.

Now back to Pearly’s family. I wanted to do something special for them and after talking with Mylene we came up with an idea to
make them a care package. Steve did not specify exactly what he wanted me to use the money for, but I feel he would think a
care package would be a good use of his donation.
Mylene and I caught a jeepney to Zabarte about three miles away. This is where money changers are and this store is the closest
thing to a wal-mart you will find in the Philippines. They sell everything from T.V’s to hard ware and groceries. I forgot my passport
at home so I was unable to exchange any money from western union. They usually pay the best exchange rate but you need to
have your passport and you must fill out paperwork including writing down the serial numbers of the bills your exchanging. There
is another money exchanger in the same building that don’t ask any question or ID. They doon’t pay as much but based on the
current exchange rate it was just over 41 pesos per dollar it was only about .38 cents difference for $100. I got 4,100 pesos for
While we were there we picked up some supplies for the care package.
41.50p Chocolate snack crackers for the kids
38.25p Instant coffee 50 grams
47.75p sugar I kilo (2.2 pounds)
16.50 Pancit noodles 2 packs
21.30p Chicken instant noodles 2 packs
21.30p beef instant noodles 2 packs
17.50p laundry soap bars 400 grams
23.15p kids toothpaste 40ml
29.50p adult toothpaste 75ml
46.50p 3 bars of bath soap 90 grams
50.55p candles 20 pieces
The prices include a 12% tax built into the price so the price you see is what you pay
Total 353.80p or $8.63 at 41p per dollar
There were some other items we wanted to get that we could find cheaper in the market
155p 5 kilos of rice (11 pounds)
48p sardines 3 cans    
70p 2 pair of flip flops for the kids
100p flashlight
60p 4 D batteries two for flashlight two for extra
40p four toys 2 for each kid
35p four toothbrushes one for each
Total 508p or $12.39 at 41p per dollar
Grand total for everything 861.8p or $21.02
That means Steve has $300 plus 3,238.2p ($78.98) of his contribution still to help in the Philippines.  

After arriving back home we inventoried everything and packaged it up for delivery. Part of the packaging includes a paper saying
where the items came from and who delivered them.

When we arrived in Sampaguita we found Pearly visiting a neighbor and told her we wanted to speak to her. Back at her house
her husband and kids were napping when we arrived but quickly woke up. The rice, noodles and sardines would mean they had
food for next week. The candles, toothpastes, bath soap, and laundry soaps are all items they can really use. The kids were so
happy with their new flip flops. They were so happy and thanked me many times for all the items. Mylene and I made sure they
understood this package came from Steve Mccrossin United States of America Millersburg, Ohio.
All in all it was a great day in Sampaguita. While visiting Mylene’s mother we learned how the current election this May might
effect Sampaguita including the action center. I have always been very political active in America and enjoy the many aspects of
politics. I have never seen anything like dirty politics in a third world country before. Before arriving in the Philippines I did not
understand why they had a nationwide gun ban. You can’t buy bullets, people who store their guns at shooting ranges can to use
them as all shooting ranges are shut down until after the elections. I never thought I would say this but American politics are clean
compared to this. I will write more about this in my next update

God Bless John Latecki Jr             scroll down for more pictures
Mylene getting bath soap for the package
PureGold closest  thing to a wal-mart in the Philippines                                            Mylene picking out toys for the kids  
Getting rice in the open market                                                   Mylene closely examines everything before buying
The paper that will go with the care Package                                    Items laid out and ready to be packed for delivery