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April, 14, 2013

regular computer shop does not have a printer, the one across the street had a printer but it was broke down, the
print shop did not have internet to access my e-mail where I sent the flyer. So I had to go back home and save it to
my EXD card and then his computer did not recognize it. The next computer shop I went had a working printer and
copier. All of this took much longer than expected and it was getting too late in the day to make the walk from
home to Sampaguita Bukid without it turning dark.
I spent the rest of the day hanging out with the neighbors and attempted to learn a new card game.

The days are shorter in the Philippines than in Ohio. Sunrise comes about 5:00a.m and sunset around 6:00pm        
Sunday April 14th Mylene and I were able to make it Sampaguita to hand out flyers and meet a few people.
Sampaguita Bukid has an upper half referred to as upstairs and a lower half called downstairs. The downstairs
section is where the biggest needs are. Aside from the basic needs of people there are other issues like unsafe
pathways leading up the hill and leading down to faucet well. Some houses are deplorable in fact one house that
comes to mind is Pearly’s house, if you can even call it a house.  

Originally this structure was built to keep pigs. The floors are dirt and half the walls are just tin nailed into boards.
Parts of the tin walls are ripped on the bottom. On the inside one of the interior support walls made of hollow block
is severely cracked and looks like it can fall at any time. There is no electric.  They don’t own the house they rent if
for 300 Pesos $7.50 per month. To top it off it is so close to the creek and has flooded often in the past and no
doubt will flood again.  

During this upcoming week I will go back and meet more people and get some estimates on making a stairway on
one of the steep climbs up. Any projects done inside Sampaguita cost materials only because the residents who
live there will volunteer their labor and many of the men living there work in construction. To make a stairway I was
told it will take hollow blocks, cement and some kind of steel pieces for reinforcement.  I don’t know the price of
cement or the steel but the hollow blocks are 8 pesos or .20 cents each.  
Next Sunday we will host a street food party sponsored by Denny Walter Jr for Sampaguita consisting of hotdogs,
fishballs and kikiam.  At this time we will get everyone who wants registered. I expect the registration turnout to be
high because we will not help anyone not registered. The reason for this is because of transparency. If any of you
reading this decide you want to help out buying clothes, shoes, school supplies, food, water, Hygiene products or
anything else for those in need it must to be documented when they receive the items through pictures and or
video. Because without that picture and video documentation it won’t be transparent and you won’t really know your
money went to those in need.    
The registration process will ascertain things like how many in the family, shoe size, clothing size for the kids,
where they live, their daily income and other questions yet to be determined. We will also take pictures of the
families to put a face with a name.
Prior to the registration party next week I would like to help out some people already registered. Stay tuned for
more updates and a transparent look at helping in the Philippines.   
God Bless
John Latecki jr
Helping in the Philippines