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April 10th 2013
me get hooked up. The renal fee is 10p .25 cents, which is very reasonable.

I got a chance to visit Evangeline Boiser  president of the Sampaguita Bukid homeowners association. I liked her right away.
She was elected last October and began working hard to lobby the government to help the people who live there through
community betterment projects including skills training

Pictured above(left)
Evangeline Boiser talking with Mylene Tanada (right) about the community

The next step is to visit some of the 100 houses in Sampaguita and document the findings and began helping those in need. This morning waiting
for the computer shop to open I walked up to the bakery alone. I feel comfortable with my surroundings however I do wish to find another place to live.
I will be showing more day to day life activities in the days to come and explain more about my living conditions. Currently there is no running water
and a small crawl space to get from room to room. The toilet situation along with no running water is my biggest motivation to move. I am not sure
you can call it a toilet its more like a bowl in the ground.....anyway enough about my plight.
Today i hope to return to Sampaguita and try some video and watch the second day of the class and try some processed meat! I also want to make
a flyer to hand out to the people in Sampaguita so they know why I am there. There is so much to do and I feel better now I got the Internet issue
anything in the neighbourhood.

skills training course for meat processing. She
was able to make this happen by inquiring
local government officials.
Classes like this that teach a skill like the meat
processing help the community members
because they can be hired to process meat or
they can process their own meats and know
there getting a clean product.

After the class Mylene and I were invited back
to Evangeline and her husbands house for
pansit (a birthday dish from the Philippines)
and talk more about some projects.
Rommel Untalan teaching a class on meat processing in Sampaguita
Evangeline's husband (forgot to write his name) he is a soldier.
The pictures he is holding is from  April 4th deal between U.S and
Philippines where the American's help train Philippine armed
Evangeline's husband (forgot to write his name) he is a soldier.
A group picture of the class