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The school supply handout was a big success. Now that school is in the need arises for many
students (mostly high school) to need a computer to look up information for class assignments.
The schools do not have any computers. The reason is there are too many children enrolled in
school and not all would have access to the computers. However the students still need to use
computers sometimes to complete assignments. There are computer rental shops but not all
computer for school work. Most times the students just need a few minutes to look up some
information and copy down info.           
were paid for by
Anonymous giving
the donation they
said use the money
for whatever. A
computer seemed
like a good use of
the funds as it will
help many children
in Sampaguita  
Mylene and her Nephew Victor assemble the computer stand
  Getting closer to being assembled                                                                                all finished
stand was 5,130p ($125.12)
the package included
computer tower
LCD monitor
automatic voltage regulator (surge
computer stand