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Philippines. It was hectic and interesting to say the least.  It was busy and many unexpected things
popped up.
The rent was due on June 3 and we got the first water bill. The rent was 3000p ($73.17) the water
bill was 109.72p ($2.68) The electric bill has yet arrive they did not send it out last cycle so the
next bill will be for one and half month but should. The internet bill will arrive at the end of the
month and be 999p ($24.37)

Last update was about getting the computer for the students to use for school. After getting the
computer up and going it was time to get a printer. I never had much experience with printers; I
knew the cartridges could be costly. After some research I decided to go with an endless ink
printer built by inktite. What they do is take a brand new printer (in this case canon ip series copier,
scanner, and printer) remove it from the box and go to work modifying it work with the endless ink
It was interesting to watch as the girl took the cartridges that came with the printer burned a small
dent in the top, then drilled out a hole and inserted a hose and heated glue around the outside and
sealed it up. She repeated this in four places.   Then she hooked up hoses to a separate container
that has four bottles of ink that allows you to print with a 96% savings.

The only downfall I noticed is when you are not printing you need to close the hoses which is only
moving a slider down until it stops and you need to open the top of the container of the ink when
printing to allow ventilation. That is well worth the small inconvenience for the savings. What really
sealed the deal to go with inkrite is their lifetime warranty on the printer. This is not just for the
inkbox and the modification but the ANYTHING that goes wrong with the printer. The total cost for
printer, the modification, and ink with lifetime warranty was 5500p ($134.15) A couple days later I
bought 6 extra bottles of ink. 3 black and 3 of the other colors for 900p ($21.95) This will last for
tens of thousands of prints. I got some copy paper 178.50p ($4.35)   

We have several students that come over each day to research for school work and print out
papers. Much of the first week was spent showing the kids how to print and cut and paste to
mircosoft word. Now the students know how everything works and things will be smoothers this
next week.
This will give me more time to go back out into the field and work on other projects around
Sampaguita. We gained a new sponsor this week. Flor Penner a Filipino living America. She heard
about helping in the Philippines from a current sponsor Pineapple Man & Pam. She sent a
generous donation through money gram of $100 at the exchange rate at the time that came out to

On a more somber note a 10 year old girl fell in the creek after a heavy rain and her body has yet
to be found and that was 7 days ago. She was playing on the bridge as many kids do during high
water and she fell in with another child and she never resurfaced. The other child grabbed a
branch and was pulled from the water. The bridge is higher in the middle than on the ends and
there was already water flowing over the sides of the bridge when she fell.  A short time later the
bridge was completely underwater. The currents are super strong and dangerous at this level.
I have seen the children play near the water in the past and was mind blown how any parent would
let their children take such risks. If parents in America allowed their children to play so close and
even in the water when it was that high they would probably get charged with child endangerment.
I don’t think many parents allow their kids to play near the high creek; it is more they don’t
supervise the kids enough to know where and what they are doing. Hopefully this will deter some
of the other children from playing near the water when it is so high.   
Receipt for June rent for the Action Center
Water bill for the Action Center
The inkwell sits next to the printer and is easy to fill and a huge savings
Receipt for the printer and the ink
As you can see where the kids are standing on the bridge it
is higher than the sides. There was water coming over both
completly underwater after a big rain
a prize in the trash that floats by. Balls seem to be
prize of choice for the kids