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The feeding program for last week was messed up when Madilyn’s 5 kids did not attend. It took us
to help me identify the children in the pictures. She is tending to her mother at this time. The
children are the same as last week but I still have not learned all their names. This week I started a
sign in sheet like for the homework program so it will be easy on the next food program update.
Also because of the five missing kids it messed up the food bill and such. I ended up with lots of
left over that I ate and gave away. For that reason I paid for the food last week.
The rice for
Monday was burger patties and rice.
We fed 10 kids
Tuesday was corn beef and potatos   over rice
we fed 9 kids
Wednesday was macaroni soup
we fed 9 kids
For Thursday we will give you inside look at what goes into the feeding program. For the most part we try to make good meals with
nutrition. The burger pattys and rice is not all that great but the kids like it and it is easy to make.
On this day we made a Filipino favorite pancit.    
We wake up early and start chopping carrots, spring beans, and cabbage. Next we add the pork beans and carrots into a pan
scissors to make them easy to eat. The meat and vegetables had to removed to stir the needles and then added back in when the
The finished product is happy children eating a good nutritious meal
Greedy was up visiting and looked hungry so we fed him some;
parents at the Action Center to explain how it works. They had good timing in showing up because we had plenty of extra
and they got to eat. We fed 14 children

Friday was a quick burger patties and rice because I had to go to bureau of immigration and would be gone most of the
day we took the 3 meals for the kids in the afternoon but i did not have my camera at that time we fed 10 kids