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rent a computer for .25¢ an hour but that won't help because i need to publish my website from this computer. I am hoping the rental shop will let me
plug my laptop into the connection they use for there computer for the .25¢  rental fee. I can't find any Internet networks anywhere and no one seems
to know of anyone who has the Internet near by.

After that i will be meeting with the president of the Sampaguita home owners association. I tried to reach her today but she was not there at that
time and I left message with her daughter I would be returning today. There are several issues I want to discuss with her and it will start with what I
witnessed today as far as water.

Anyone who can turn on faucet and get water consider yourself lucky you live in a first world country. Here in the Philippines there are millions of
people who go through big efforts to obtain water.  This update will focus on how people in Sampaguita Bukid neighbourhood get water.

Some of the residents are able to obtain city water through water pipes much like in America. For those who don't have access to water pipes there
are 3 options.    

Above is a private owned open deep well that residents can get to use water
the water is not safe to drink but is used for cooking, dishes, baths, and washing
cloths. There is a gallon jug that is lowered down about 30 feet and roped up. I
lifted a few pales up and its a lot more work than you think  

                                                                                                                                   the above is called the faucet well. This seems to be the best
                                                                                                                                    bet however the walk down is unreal!                 

Above is another open well for the community notice
there is only one side raised up. This could be dangerous and easy
to fall into if one was not careful. This is not safe for drinking either

below and right is the path way down to the faucet well

One wrong step any your ass is tumbling down into the creek
the picture above you can see there is just enough room for my foot to fit
I ventured down and was scared i was not going to make it even clinging to the
side. I could not imagine having to carry anything up let alone water! The path was
wider but a monster typhoon with huge raindrops wiped it down in 2009 and it been
getting worse ever since.
In America if you sent a child or even let a child venture down that path children
services would get involved. However the community well runs dry every morning
after lots of use and the private well drops down to where the bucket no longer
reaches the water.
That leaves the faucet well the last place to get water. I would venture to say that the
water is not safe to drink based on the amount trash above. Word is some families
use this water to drink. I seen several people taking baths (with cloths on) and others
washing cloths.
I was shocked to learn that people risk the walk down there to get the water when
there is someone on the end closest to the road who sell 5 gallons of water for
3 pesos thats 7.5¢. That illustrates  how tight some budgets must be if some
families do drink the water. I will find out in the coming days as i meet with different
Below are more pictures from the neighborhood. There was a heavy rain and the
creek rose fast and kids were watching the trash go by looking for goodies.    .         


April 9th 2013